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Little bit of side yard

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Little bit of side yard

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We have this little section of yard to the side of the driveway. It’s probably 5 or 6 feet wide by 20-30 feet long. I didn’t want to run wires across the driveway in 2 places so Betsie can’t get there on her own. I try to remember to put her over there when it gets long.

I was gone for a work trip last week and when I left her wire wasn’t making a closed circuit. So she didn’t mow all week. This morning she got through the side yard and then finished 42% of the front yard before going home to charge.

I want to wire the back yard sometime, but it’s very uneven and doesn’t have much grass. When we get the money we are going to have it graded for drainage and probably lay new turf. Next year I think… we’re still catching up with fixing up the inside of the house this year.

The front yard is looking pretty nice

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Spring view of our house (with apple tree)

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Home ownership suits me. I love how the house looks this spring. The fun part about moving into a new home in the fall is that you don’t have any idea what kind of plants there might be. It turns out we have 2 pear trees, the pink in the front I think is an apple tree, the (mini) Japaneses maple out front is deep red that matches the shutters. There are azaleas all over and purple ground cover flowers. And the yard, it’s the best yard on our street, most of them are sloped or a lot smaller.

You can see Betsie in there too. The yard has dried out enough to mow and she’s caught up again, 82% after 2 hours and 45 minutes yesterday. She stopped for some reason this morning and didn’t make it home. I don’t know why. I found her near the maple when I got home this afternoon and her battery was almost dead so I carried her home.

One year now..

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To mark the one year anniversary of this blog (coming up the end of the month) I’ve moved it. Handily, one of the default themes at our new home is grass-based!

A Betsie update? Well, it rained cats and dogs and bluejays last weekend, so I’m still waiting for the yard to dry out a bit before Bets gets back to her duties.

Keeping up with a lawnbott – neighbor peer pressure

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I think the kids who mow my neighbor’s yard are going to like havng Betsie around doing mine. Because mine is always short hers is pretty much always long… thus she will call them more to mow it. I hope they get paid for their time 🙂

Lawnbott Live….

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I sent Betsie out to mow today. She got stuck once on the hill going up to my neighbors, I adjusted the wire. I filled in some spots along the sidewalk where they dug our yard up to put in new cable (tv) cables last fall. It was a bit uneven and she looked like she might get stuck. Then I got to work on setting up an overhead view webcam of the yard from the upstairs window. My “office” is up there, but no computer. So I spent the afternoon trying to get the old Dell Latitude laptop (made in 2000) working again. The network card wasn’t working and I discovered what a pain Cisco can be about driver downloads (hint, use bugmenot). I finally ended up using a USB wifi adapter I had laying around… and now I remember why I bought that desk top last year to replace this old laptop. But enough rambling about computer stuff…. There’s a webcam link up at http://sjg.sytes.net:8080/

However, Betsie finished her work, so there is nothing to see until 23 or so hours from now (6ish EDT on Sunday)

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