March 2007

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It’s spring!

Posted by on 31 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: General

We got back from a ski trip to find 80 degree weather in Virginia!

Betsie is out mowing, but as we cut the grass so (too) short back in the
fall there isn’t much to cut yet except for some weeds.

I’d like to do some overseeding out front and seed the back but haven’t
come up with a plan of attack yet. There are so many things to do since
this is a new house for us, I’m not sure the yard is due for attention
(ie money) yet.

Spring Mulching

Posted by on 07 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: General

If it is dry this weekend I am planning to wire the backyard (only got
to the front last year) and let Betsie do some mulching of leaves and
overgrown ground cover plants.

The backyard is small and bordered by the deck and some 4x4s lining
the flower beds. It sees almost 100% shade so the grass is rather on
the thin side. The previous owners of our house also had 3 kids, so
it’s a bit trampled and muddy. Once I get the leaves cleaned up I
want to put down seed so Betsie has more to mow.

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