I sent Betsie out to mow today. She got stuck once on the hill going up to my neighbors, I adjusted the wire. I filled in some spots along the sidewalk where they dug our yard up to put in new cable (tv) cables last fall. It was a bit uneven and she looked like she might get stuck. Then I got to work on setting up an overhead view webcam of the yard from the upstairs window. My “office” is up there, but no computer. So I spent the afternoon trying to get the old Dell Latitude laptop (made in 2000) working again. The network card wasn’t working and I discovered what a pain Cisco can be about driver downloads (hint, use bugmenot). I finally ended up using a USB wifi adapter I had laying around… and now I remember why I bought that desk top last year to replace this old laptop. But enough rambling about computer stuff…. There’s a webcam link up at http://sjg.sytes.net:8080/

However, Betsie finished her work, so there is nothing to see until 23 or so hours from now (6ish EDT on Sunday)