Spring view of our house (with apple tree)

Originally uploaded by sajego.

Home ownership suits me. I love how the house looks this spring. The fun part about moving into a new home in the fall is that you don’t have any idea what kind of plants there might be. It turns out we have 2 pear trees, the pink in the front I think is an apple tree, the (mini) Japaneses maple out front is deep red that matches the shutters. There are azaleas all over and purple ground cover flowers. And the yard, it’s the best yard on our street, most of them are sloped or a lot smaller.

You can see Betsie in there too. The yard has dried out enough to mow and she’s caught up again, 82% after 2 hours and 45 minutes yesterday. She stopped for some reason this morning and didn’t make it home. I don’t know why. I found her near the maple when I got home this afternoon and her battery was almost dead so I carried her home.