I downloaded the internet update software yesterday onto my work computer. Thankfully it wasn’t complex enough to need one to be a windows administrator to install it. They include a nice list of all the updates. Poor Betsie was still using software from 2005!

I got home and opened her all up on the porch. Lots of dust, but very clean inside considering! Now she really felt more like a robot to me. All the cards and wires. The Serial port was at the lower right side and needed a 9 pin male plug.

I went to Staples (they’re the closest big box store to my house) and found a M/F DB9 Serial. Very common. Driving home it started pouring! No worries, I already had Betsie up on the front porch waiting for me.

The cable was designed as an extension cable, so I had to remove the annoying metal nuts to get it to fit. I ended up taking the whole shield off and leaving just the pins, but it worked!

I set up my work laptop (my personal laptop is a MacBook and doesn’t have a serial port) in the house foyer and ran the cable out the door to Betsie.

I didn’t get a connection. I tried all the ports and none worked.

I opened the Report program and it told me to have the robot turned on and in Pause mode. So I decided to try that.

Won’t turn on. Ooops, I had grabbed Betsie right from the yard where she had gotten stuck or something and shut down. She needed to be taken over to the house to restart. I checked the rain and decided it was light enough to try it. We only got a little bit wet.

Back to the porch and plugged the cable in again. The rain started back up and the lightning flashing and thunder crashing made me feel all Mad Scientisty! This time, with Betsie on Pause, the software connected perfectly. She’s now running June 28, 2007. It Worked! It’s Alive!!

I put her all back together and tried to get her started but got the Sync and No Signal error, so the rain must have messed with the wire. But even the error is better than before. It used to sit on Sync for a lot longer.

Today we’ll give it a try with the new programming.