A conversation at the breakfast table this morning:
Me: Maybe Betsie should have a big flashing light on top that is lit when she’s On.
D: No, she should just run away from people she doesn’t recognize, so when she sees your dad coming she can just run away!

My dad’s leg is fine. A 1-inch gash on his shin, but he didn’t need stitches or anything that bad. It was definitely a case of human error/stupidity, and being unfamiliar with the operation of a tool.

Admittedly, I don’t always press the stop button before picking Betsie up, but I always carry her with the blade facing away from my body. She shuts off when lifted. Dad says he picked her up and started walking in one motion. The blade motor shut off after hitting his leg.

I received email from two people at Koyodo America, KA Home Robotics, concerned about my dad’s accident. They said he is the first injury they’ve come across in the US with a lawnbott, and are hoping to learn from it. A great attitude for a company!

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