It started raining here in Charlottesville and didn’t stop for 2 days. Many inches of water fell, maybe a record for this time of year. The creek that runs behind our house looked high enough to navigate, even 2 days later. Water was pouring out of the downspouts in rivers (except the back one, it must be clogged).

How did Betsie handle this? No major problems. The temporary cover I had set up for her charger and transmitter got flooded, but once dried out everything worked fine. I’m working on a better location for them, but she’s back to mowing away on the front lawn.

I set up wiring on the side lawn, but since we didn’t want too many wires crossing the driveway, this is a manual mow area, I have to carry her over there and start her. The area is so small though that I think it would be a waste of time to mow it automatically as a zone.

The back yard is mostly mud right now. Hopefully we can add some drainage, top soil, and more grass next year.

One thing that has been interesting… everyone compares Betsie to the Roomba. This is probably good news for iRobot if they ever do come out with a lawn mower… but for now, it makes the robot concept easier to grasp.