Would you still buy a Lawnbot considering your experience?

I think I would. It’s very fun, and I’ve met a lot of the neighbors. I’m a gadget-loving person, so that’s a big factor.

Some things that would have helped (would still help actually):

I don’t even Have a normal lawnmower right now. So if there’s a section of grass that Betsy gets caught on I have to let her hack away at it one bite at a time. When she gets caught on tall grass she shuts down. I haven’t figured out any way to restart her again other than carrying her back to the charging dock. This has been good for my biceps though! But, slow progress on the lawn. I think a weed wacker would be a good backup.

The rapid returns are working great now. I had expected her to turn off the point, but instead she goes over the whole triange, then when she returns to the straight wire she stops suddenly, and turns 90 degrees out. Then goes straight until she hits the other side.

The dock terminals for the perimeter wire aren’t the best. I’ve lost the springs out of them and have the wires held in with tape. This works ok until Bets runs into the docking station a few times. Then the wires jiggle loose and I have to open it up and fix them.

I wonder if there are any software updates yet…. It’s a neat feature to be able to download new software, but only if the company actually offers it.