Yesterday I moved the home base from the back yard to the side yard. The power now comes from the garage outlet and exits via a window.

The home base is still inside the dog fence area (I don’t have a dog, it was set up for the previous tenant) so I can shut the double wide gate and keep Betsie in the side and back yard only.

The front yard… A field. I might have to break down and call the kid who wanted to mow it.

On the other hand. My push-powered rotary blade mower is not so bad at hacking down weeds. Especially if you mow around them in a circle.
It’s a good work out!

I met a guy today who stopped to ask about Betsie and ended up chatting for an hour or so. She actually showed off by going the whole length of the front yard and back before choking on a 18″ seed pod and shutting down. There is still hope.

I bordered out some of the 4×4 border of the “driveway” tonight. I might skip that and just smooth the transition out with a bag of dirt. It would probably work better anyway.

I have her working zones set to run from 17:30-23:30 and then 1:00-5:30 so she really only runs when I’m home. I check her whereabouts when I leave for work (and right now, before bed too because I’m curious).