> Got the wheels on. It’s a 3mm allen wrench by the way 🙂 I found a > set, but it wasn’t metric, so had to go back. No problem, I collect > tools as I need them and they come in handy.
> One advantage of laying the perimeter wire is knowing how big my yard > is. Another is finding the poison ivy early on in spring so it’s easy > to kill. I didn’t get any on me, luckily!
> Haven’t seen any of the neighbors yet, but my boyfriend is coming over > tonight and is excited to see my “new toy”. We’re both mechanical > engineers, so this is exciting!
> My 2 cats loved “helping” with the wire setup! I can’t imagine how > excited a kitten would be about slinky-things-moving-in-the-grass. My > cats are 6 years old and this was the first playfullness exhibited in > ages. They’re not quite as excited about Betsie herself, they stay out > of her way.
> What settings do you use for the automatic percentage? What about > cycles per secondary area? I’m enjoying experimenting.
> I think I am going to start a blog, or something, to post stories on > too. 🙂

Hi Sara!

First, in case I didn’t tell you, please start with the blade near the very top. Every other day or so lower it about 1/4 inch. This give the wire time to settle and the mower a chance to run free without bogging down.

I’d leave the cycles to the default, The Evolution will calculate how large your yard is. When it goes back to the charger it will tell you what percentage of the yard it mowed!

I like the automatic percentage set at 90. That way it goes out more often. You can set it for 70 if you want it to go out less often. I’ll do that during the winter time as the grass is really dormant but the neighbors love seeing it out playing.

Please send me your blog address when you get it going. I love to read the trials and tribulations. Dealers around the world link to my reviews. Every one is so thirsty for knowledge on these things and I am the only oasis on the ‘net.

You failed to tell me you were an engineer or I would have charged you 35% more. The smarter the person the more problems they have. I have no problems putting them-which gives away my intelligence level I guess. (GRIN)

By the end of May I hope to have a NAME list. It amazes me the names people come up with. One guy calls his Woody (because every guy wants a woody). Another calls theirs Mario (after the Nintendo character).

Keep me posted!