Betsie had most of the back yard mowed after the first day. Then we worked on the area inside the dog fence. It’s mostly done.

Friday I laid wire around the perimeter of the front yard and yesterday took her out there to try it. Well, it’s hard. The lawn changes from field weeds, to dead grass and leaves, to very tall grass. She does fine until hitting the tallest, thick grass and then bogs down pretty quick. I may have to borrow a traditional lawn mower.

Apparently, the neighbor talked to Don and said “she’s gonna mow all that with just That thing? Do ya wanna borrow the ride-on?” He just waved them off. I wouldn’t mind a hand though. Lawnbotts aren’t designed for tall grass. Once it’s done once it’ll be fine for Betsie to keep up with.

I am wondering whether I should reposition the charging base to make the front yard the primary zone. It is the biggest… But I worry about her being out there alone. I guess we’ll see how she does once it’s mostly cut.