>> Will you need any spiked tires or extra pegs? I have those in stock >> and can ship them with your order with no shipping charges.
> The tires aren’t as expensive as I thought, and I will need more pegs > at some point.
> What’s your prefered order/payment method? Paypal from your website?

From Kerry,


Yes, please click on the Paypal button. They will take credit cards.

If you buy the Evolution on my website I will toss in the spiked tires for free!
(Saves Amazon fees) .

Then go to http://www.bamabots.com/lawnbottparts.htm and order the pegs.


Since Amazon was still being a pain, and FREE is always good, I decided paypal was the way to go.

> You are the 3rd person to try and buy on Amazon, but they have the same > problem with their credit cards. It has been a long time since I > bought anything on Amazon. I guess they wouldn’t like my Paypal > debit/credit card because I get 1% back instantly.
> Amazon charges an AMAZING 8% and holds the money in an account for 15 > days or more before releasing it. But that is the price of doing > business with Amazon.

> I have the box loaded and standing by for Fed Ex ground shipment today.